Swimathon 2022

I took up a big challange this year – I will take part and be an ambassador of Swimathon 2022 charity campaign.

Objective of Program ‘Deep End, Swimmers Only!’ to be Supported is:

‘We provide professional and financial support to community initiatives in small towns and big cities. Initiatives that – by time – will be able to promote local issues from local funds; help them professionally and in longer terms financially as well and do all this in the form of community foundations.’

An what does dry Swimathon mean for me? I’ll be walking. During the four-week campaign I will be walking and drawing in my neighborhood with my sketchbook and in four themes I’d like to show how far you can get right here. I will share the drawings and the photos of the scenes on social media and here on the blog. My goal is to fundraise 100.000 HUF to support the existing and yet to be founded community foundations in Hungary.

I appreciate a lot if you follow the campaign and support the project, which you can do here!

Diving into drawing! Let's start Swimathon 2022!

Diving into drawing! Let’s start Swimathon 2022!

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