Stories with Colour and Line – Exhibition Closing

Történetek színnel, vonallal - Kiállítás Csonka Rózsa illusztrációiból 2022

This my exhibition Stories with Colour and Line closed. Thank you for everyone visiting or following it online! Related: Collage Collection 2. Collage Collection Late Autumn Forest Allee Fitness under Plane Trees Old Platanus in the City Park Planedog Heads in Black and White

Storytelling with Colour and Line – Exhibition 2022

Storytelling with Colour and Line – Exhibition 2022

To my greatest pleasure an exhibition “Storytelling with Colour and Line”of my latest works will be open March 7th 2022 in Budapest Rottenbiller 10. FSZEK Deák Ferenc Library. The exhibition will be opened by Petra Kurucz sculptor. On the wall with a selection of the following themes: Rosie and Pigling … Continue reading

Rosie and Pigling in the Library

Rozka és Vadóc, kalandoj a Dunakanyarban, Mesekönyv

I can’t wait the for the libraries to open again. An exhibition of the original illustrations of my children’s book Rozka és Vadóc (Rosie and Pigling) is already in preparations in the nearby Szabó Ervin Library, but it is delayed due to the current covid situation. Nevertheless the book can … Continue reading