Pig and Cow – April

Pig and Cow – April

Pig and Cow appeared in my drawings a few years ago at that time as side characters. They stayed with me, and this summer hiking in Corsica the Corsica Cows Sport Club (Local panorama fan cows sporting up anywhere where you can’t even think of yourself scrambling up) and the … Continue reading

Zoo Sketching Birds

Zoo sketching just never gets boring. This time I was drawing among birds – it is a bit weird feeling walking by a griffon vulture without fences between. And there were also crowned cranes, whistling ducks and bald ibis. Now its already autumn, so both the birds and I were … Continue reading

Short Story Illustrations for György Kovári’s Works

Short Story Illustrations for György Kovári's Book

Short story illustrations of the ups and downs of a life that began with the second world war and lived through the rough era of communism. Among the dark scenery of the 20th century we see colourful little figures moving written with sympathy and compassion. Student life during the ’56 … Continue reading