Zoo Sketching Birds

Zoo sketching just never gets boring. This time I was drawing among birds – it is a bit weird feeling walking by a griffon vulture without fences between. And there were also crowned cranes, whistling ducks and bald ibis. Now its already autumn, so both the birds and I were … Continue reading

Art School Exhibition

The Zebegényi Fenyvesi Art School has it’s annual exhibition in Verőce 1st – 13th October 2022. A few of my works are also exhibited here – I drew and painted them in the summer art week, where this years theme was the water as element. I chose may topics and … Continue reading

Stories with Colour and Line – Exhibition Closing

Történetek színnel, vonallal - Kiállítás Csonka Rózsa illusztrációiból 2022

This my exhibition Stories with Colour and Line closed. Thank you for everyone visiting or following it online! Related: Collage Collection 2. Collage Collection Late Autumn Forest Allee Fitness under Plane Trees Old Platanus in the City Park Planedog Heads in Black and White