Amrita Exhibition

2023 is dedicated to Amrita Sher-Gil, Hungarian-Indian Painter at Liszt Institute Hungarian Cultural Centre Delhi. Zebegény Art School was invited to Amrita Exhibition where the works of our teacher and students will be showcased. I also submitted a painting – “Pigeons” oil and canvas, a theme that I have already worked with colour pencils. An my Pigeons will fly to Delhi, as they are also among the chosen artworks!

Our Art Schol happens to be in the house where Amrita used to live in Zebegény, Hungary and we have a respect to her legacy. A lot of the themes of the submitted works are inspired by Zebegény. My pigeons are gathering on our favourite pine tree in Budapest City Park – but they could be on any tree of any park of any city, there they are, as always.

Pigeons, oil and canvas 80x50 cm

Pigeons, oil and canvas 80×50 cm

A short video about the Opening of the Exhibition – my Pigeons are in the background.


Pigeons Gathering

Pigeons Gathering 2.

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